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An overview of Soundlag

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Soundlag is a foam-based material used for acoustic pipe lagging purposes in residential and commercial buildings. It is designed to reduce noise break-out generated from the sanitary and wastewater pipes. This product is made from layering cushiony materials that will suppress any sound leaving the piping system.

Soundlag is highly flexible, which is why it is easy to install and work with. Lagging experts suggest soundlag over all other lagging methods because they are familiar with the advantages it possesses.

Listed below are a few features of Soundlag:

  • It is a high-performance material with a flexible texture.
  • Other applications of Soundlag: valves, fan housings, ductworks, compressor wraps and spa motor wraps.
  • The presence of the cushiony material allows soundlag to act as both, noise barrier and a noise absorber.
  • Soundlag has a very dense arrangement which provides excellent sound reduction properties.
  • Excellent flame resistance
  • Long useful life
  • Easy to cut
  • Easy to install

For habitable and non-habitable rooms, soundlag 4525C provides optimal soundproofing for those seeking compliance to BCA (Building Code of Australia) F5.6. It can offer a significantly higher performance of up to 5 dB(A), especially in places with no ceiling or with penetrations.

Pyrotek offers varying compositions with barrier weights from 3 kg/m² to eight kg/m² and therefore the decoupling layer with a choice of plain (4512) or convoluted (4525C) foam, polyester, fibreglass, glass wool or quilted insulator with thicknesses from 6 mm to 50 mm. The product range complies with international fire standards to satisfy fire safety demands in buildings. Soundlag products contain no ozone-depleting substances and it is also cost-effective because of ease of installation. Pyrotek Soundlag is available in a variety of compositions to meet the customer’s unique requirements from the lagging. There are alternative colour options to the reinforced aluminium facing- black and white foil. These are anti-glare foil colours, suitable for exposed ceiling spaces.

Melbourne Laggers deal with the best products from top contractors when it comes to acoustic pipe lagging. We start off with an inspection of your property to evaluate an execution plan according to the pipeline system. Every house and property has uniquely arranged pipelines and requires different lagging solutions. Our team is specialised in providing appropriate lagging solutions for your property.

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