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Common Causes Why Your Home Sanitary Pipes Make Noise? A Brief Discussion

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(Needless to say…) Whenever you are spending time at home; you always expect your oh-so-reliable sanitary pipes to provide you both steam and hot water to various parts of your house.

Whether you’re baking something in the kitchen, relaxing in a cosy warm bathtub, flushing the toilet or doing laundry in the washing room, getting an undisturbed supply of water is paramount to perform these day-to-day household chores.

All this said; you need to keep in mind one thing that just like everything – your home sanitary pipes is not immune to causing trouble. Case in point is the noise they produce over the tick of time.

At times, these seemingly random (& at times loud) sounds can even seem scary and troublesome. And if this problem along wasn’t enough, these resulting loud noises occurring from within the pipes can be a clear tell-tale of a potentially bad plumbing issue. And if left unchecked, it could lead to unwanted clogs and drainage problems and turn into something far more perilous.

Melbourne Laggers – your one-stop pipe lagging service and product installation company near you clearly believes …

” The reason for this sound generating within the pipes is due to the turbulent flow caused due to the constant flowing of water and waste travelling through the pipe work.”

And, to prevent the noise caused due to the turbulent flow of water and waste fluids inside these pipes is through our professional pipe sound-proofing treatment known as Acoustic pipe lagging.

In this post; we will continue to explore more on the chief causes why your sanitary pipes make such disturbing sounds. 

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Causes Of Loud Sounds Resulting Inside Your Sanitary Pipes

  • Banging Noises Due To Water Pressure /Waste fluid flow

Normally, this produces a banging noise and it is due to air bubbles getting trapped and water  banging whenever the faucet or valve is shut completely. The water which seeks exit rushes towards the exit with an good amount of momentum. But as it doesn’t find an exit, it meets the closed valves and causes banging noises- every time.

  • Humming or Vibrating When The Water Pressure  Exceeds The Sanitary System’s Capacity

Your sanitary water pipes can cause a humming or vibrating sound whenever the water pressure exceeds its system’s capacity. And when the vibration happens, it often leads to a humming sound- particularly when the water is running of flowing freely.

On your part; you can look to check the water tank pressure and make sure that it is not higher than say 55 pounds per square inch.

And additionally; you can promptly CONTACT OUR Melbourne Laggers TEAM to visit your place, inspect your sanitary pipes and present it out professional acoustic sound proofing treatments to eliminate occurring humming sounds.

  • Distinct Gurgling or Glugging Noise Indicating Presence Of Obstructions Inside The Pipes

If you find your sanitary water pipes producing a distinct gurgling or glugging noise, this sound produced could be due to a possible obstruction accidentally washed down from the drain, accumulated soap scum or other mineral or debris depositions at the side of the pipes.

This is one common problem which many homeowners face. Fortunately, to put an end to this gurgling noise, you can Schedule A Visit From Our Sanitary Pipe Lagging Team In Melbourne to inspect your pipe system and professionally sound-proof it.

Does Your Loud Sanitary Pipes Need Diagnosing & Professional Lagging Treatments…?

Trust no other than Melbourne Laggers for all your professional pipe lagging treatments & product installations in and across Melbourne.

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