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Having Troubles Controlling Temperature Of Your Hot Water Pipes…?

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Typically, most people start off their mornings with a routinely hot shower and end it by soaking inside a hot tub to relax and recuperate.

And while it may help you heal and relax after a long tiresome day, you can’t ignore how much energy and money this luxury of hot water costs you…!

FYI – hot water contributes to around 17% of your routinely energy consumption. And keeping in mind that the average household energy bills (including electric and gas), the cost of high water adds up into a considerable sum at month’s end.

 Moreover, if your hot water pipes are not adequately insulated; the water which travels through those pipes tend to lose 2-4 degrees in temperature every time. The result of this means your shower will take more time to heat up; more so if the bathroom is on the other direction to the water heater.

How Best to Control Temperature Inside Your Hot Water Pipes…?

The good news here is you can easily get your hot water pipes professionally treated via an effective pipe lagging technique known as thermal lagging.

“Thermal Lagging Treatment as the name states implies to temperature control.

And the prime reason for HOT WATER Pipe Lagging is to reduce the heat generated within the pipe to create a comfortable environment for homeowners.”

If you’re someone who is in the process of constructing a new home, this would be the perfect time to ensure each of them get professionally insulated as per NCC complaint with the use of professional grade materials.

Thermal pipe lagging is deemed ideal for treating hot water pipes.

And if you’re interested in going for it, then you can always rely on our professional laggers to deliver you safe and immaculate thermal lagging solutions for your hot water pipes.

USPs Of Our Hot Water Pipe Lagging Treatments

  • We offer hot water pipe lagging solutions which are impressively flexible and light-weight.
  • Each product is very easy to install and have the ability to last a good length of time.
  • Due to its closed cell structure; they provide excellent barrier to counter vapour transmission!
  • Moreover, our hot water pipe lagging treatments are devoid of any CFC, dust and fibre.
  • They present impressive resistance against ozone effects, extreme weather as well as general wear and tear.
  • And they even come with very low toxicity ratings and deliver unmatched fire protection!

Our Unique FOILFLEX  For Your Hot Water Pipe Treatments

Our team of professional Melbourne Laggers near you presents – FOILFLEX.

It is a premium performance thermal pipe insulation consisting of impressive vapour diffusion resistance.

They feature a completely closed-cell, a physically cross-linked polyolefin foam along with a density of 25 kg/m3, faced with heat laminated pure aluminium foil with reinforcement for steel, plastic and copper pipes.  

They come in all shapes and sizes to aptly meet your hot water pipe requirements. And they are also available in cost-convenient rates.

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