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Good Reasons Why You Should Opt For Acoustic Pipe Lagging – A Discussion!

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In a busy industrial or commercial setting, noise pollution can come from just about anywhere. And with no surprises too.

Most industrial piping set-ups have to deal with lots of excess pressure and heat. This intense amount of force often generates energy and resultantly expels high levels of noise.

Now majority of such industrial ductworks comprise a single interior layer or barrier to mitigate produced noise within piping set-ups.

But due to its singular layer, noise reducing capabilities falls short of expectations and the only rational way to ensure optimum pipe insulation is to opt for a better quality sound sheathing material.

But of course, there is no alarming cause of worry for you.

We @ Melbourne Laggers offers you ACOUSTIC pipe lagging treatments to deliver the necessary sound attenuation on an industrial level.

DIGGING DEEPER – On This Durable & Dependable Pipe Sheathing Material

To put it simply – Acoustic pipe lagging entails sheathing the pipes in new buildings/construction work from the various sounds generated within the pipes.

This sheathing component features impressive tractability and strength to mitigate these irritating noises and resultantly enable a sound-free residing environment for those within the property,

As your premier Acoustic pipe lagging service provider operating all across Melbourne, VICTORIA, WE use this specific type of noise reducing lagging material depending on the varying needs of individual customers and specific industry sector clientele.

Furthermore; OUR TEAM makes use of a specialised sound pipe lagging component known as Soundlag – acknowledged all around for its remarkable pipe insulation/lagging purposes.

(To Clarify Further…)

Our Soundlag materials comes as a high-performance guarantying composite acoustic pipe lagging material crafted to limit sound from various water pipes, ductwork and fan housing in all sector buildings and new constructs.

We can assure you that our Soundlag material helps reduce noise produced within waste water pipes and hydraulic pipes by 25.2 dB(A).

(To know about our SOUNDLAG product – VISIT OUR TRADE STORE ANYTIME)

What Entails Our Acoustic Pipe Lagging Implementation Process?

To deliver you quality solutions for your noisy water pipes, Our TEAM  aims at identifying appropriate solutions which would help sheath those pipes.

To achieve this; we perform a thorough pre-service inspection of your water pipes aptly comprehending different factors namely –

  • Flow volume
  • Existing weak points
  • And even the water/fluid pressure

That’s Not All…!

Once we determine these crucial aspects properly; they accordingly decide the pipe lagging material and the nature of insulation best-suited to get the job done.

You should be happy to know that our highly effective Acoustic pipe lagging treatments are easy to install and prove very flexible.

Plus, we can also vouch that our offered treatments to reduce noise generated from within your property pipes will be much more effective in comparison to the other offered conventional modes of insulating pipes.

Also for your peace of mind- we proudly state that our acoustic pipe lagging services will come across as eco-friendly and won’t have any traces of Ozone-depleting substances.

We always take appropriate measures to warrant effective pipe lagging treatments which are strictly in adherence to the NCC- National Construction Code of Australia.


Melbourne Laggers– your most trusted Pipe lagging Company Near you In Melbourne will be more than happy to help you decide the best acoustic pipe lagging treatment for your property pipes.

So, whenever you’re ready – REACH US via Phone or Email.

We are here to come to your help 24×7.

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