Industrial (HVAC) Pipe Lagging

Melbourne Laggers; as your reliable lagging specialists operating in and across all of Melbourne not only caters to the needs of clients from the Residential and Commercial sector, but also delivers professional lagging services to all service-seeking industrial sector clients too.

Working closely with dedicated HVAC ( Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort ) service specialists in the region, we offer tailored pipe lagging to large Air-conditioning and Ventilation systems.

The three primary functions of our industrial HVAC pipe lagging systems are interrelated, particularly when providing acceptable indoor air quality with thermal comfort.

“We generally treat the Chilled Water and Hot water pipe running from machinery into factories, apartments or other industrial facilities.”

Our Dedicated Team Does Not Build The HVAC System.

Instead, WE SIMPLY INSTALL PIPE LAGGING MATERIALS TO THE PIPES that come from these units to reduce sound, but primarily for temperature moderation to achieve a comfortable environment for areas surrounding the pipes.

We Aim To Deliver both Thermal & Acoustic Pipe Lagging Solutions To Inhibit Emissions & Augment Overall Energy Efficiency

  • Our tailored industrial lagging services deliver superior quality workmanship backed with 100% service satisfaction
  • We offer our industrial pipe lagging services at competitive industry adhering rates.
  • Be it Acoustic or Thermal pipe lagging; our team will take all mandatory measurements into consideration to ensure everything is done immaculately

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