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3 Top Pipe Insulation Products For All-Sector Clients

Most property owners don’t give as much importance to insulating their pipes at first. But soon they realise that by not doing it, they are only making things more difficult not just for them and others around them too.

If you happen to be one such individual who obviously ignored the importance of proper pipe lagging treatments and product insulations, then the first thing to do is to associate with a reliable service provider near you.

Melbourne Laggers; your reliable pipe insulation experts near me in Melbourne is definitely one revered name which you can trust for your pipe lagging needs across the region!

And to make it more convenient for you to reach us, we have also opened our first new trade store in Hallam for its respective residents.

Here Are Our Top 3 Pipe Insulation Products Suitable For You To Take Note

1. Foilflex (A Premium performance thermal pipe insulation product)

First in our list of top pipe insulation products suited for all sector clients is FOILFLEX.

It is a premium performance thermal pipe insulation product which comes with impressive vapour dissemination resistance.

They come with a closed cell and a physically cross-linked polyolefin foam of 25kg/mdensity. They are also faced with heat laminated pure aluminium foil with reinforcement for steel, plastic and copper pipes.

They come in all shapes and sizes to aptly meet both your hot water and chilled water pipe lagging needs across all sectors in Melbourne.

 (Visit our site store or new shop at Hallam for more details about price and availability)

2. Soundflex III ( Acoustic pipe lagging product)

Next in our group is SOUNDFLEX III – which entails as one exceeding dense mass layer known to deliver impressive performance to considerably reduce unwanted noise resulting from inside your property pipes.

That’s true. They come with impressive sound absorption and acoustic performance complemented with excellent fire resistance covering.

For your convenience; we offer you this product in pre-cuts too to make it easier to wrap as well as tape.

Other Likeable Points –

  • It comes with ASTM D5116-17 green star rating
  • It is fire tested as per AS 1530.3 to test for its flame resistance quality
  • It is devoid of any odour or ozone depleting substances
  • And it complies with the BCA code

(Visit our site store or new shop at Hallam for more details about price and availability)

3. NOCLAD FOILFLEX (For both chilled and hot water pipes)

Simply put, our unique NOCLAD FOILFLEX insulation product is used on the exterior of your hot and chilled water pipes to keep it operational for a long period.

This product is available in varying lengths and sizes.

(So feel free to visit our site store or trade shop in Hallam to check for existing size availability and accurate price)

Ready To Speak To Us…?

As your reliable Commercial pipe insulation contractors in Melbourne; we look to provide deliver customised Thermal & Acoustic Pipe lagging treatments to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions…!

So, without wasting time, TELL US HOW WE CAN HELP!

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