You are currently viewing Need Expert Sound Lagging Insulation Treatments & Products In Melbourne?

Need Expert Sound Lagging Insulation Treatments & Products In Melbourne?

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Melbourne Laggers Is Your Answer!

It is no secret that whenever your sanitary pipes or waste water pipes (be it at home or at your commercial /industrial set-up) starts to produce noise ; it can cause real stress!

As the water or waste fluids unceasingly keep flowing inside, its turbulent flow keeps producing relentless noise to ruin your otherwise quiet and serene environment!

And as you find yourself in this rather inconvenient situation, the only thing which you keep asking yourself –

What’s the best way to soundproof your noise sanitary or waste water, pneumatic or hydraulic water pipes…?”

Fortunately for you, Melbourne Laggers – your one-stop pipe lagging company in Melbourne has just the solution to put an end to your noisy pipe problem once and for all.

Their professional-grade soundlagging insulation treatment goes by the common terminology called – Acoustic pipe lagging treatment and product insulation.

FYI- there are lots of common causes why your sanitary/waste water pipes (& others similar) produce noise.

Some Of The Commonest Causes Entail As Follows

  • Banging noises coming due to water pressure or flow hitting the exit point with tremendous momentum
  • Humming/vibrating sounds when the water pressure exceeds the pipe system’s overall capacity
  • Gurgling noises whenever the flow inside is obstructed by soap scum, hard water deposits and other accumulated debris present on the sides of the water pipes
  • Whistling /Squealing sounds whenever the washer or other small components wear out and needs to be diagnosed by respective lagging professionals

Feel Free To Read In Details From Our Blog On “Common Causes Why Your Home Sanitary Pipes Make Noise?”

(Moving On…)

What Is Acoustic Pipe Lagging…?

Acoustic Pipe Lagging is a terminology used to Insulate Sanitary and Stormwater Pipes.

The reason for this is to reduce the sound generated within the pipes due to turbulent flow caused by water and waste travelling through the pipe work to create a noise free environment for home and office owners.

Upon arrival – our experienced pipe laggers will inspect your sanitary, wastewater pipes (or others) to check its condition and determine the degree of professional treatment needed.

Generally speaking – the unceasing noise produced with its exact decibel levels primarily depends on the type of material transporting within it. These resulting noises and movements intensifies the vibrations in the pipes and unfortunately works to decrease its structure’s lifespan.

(Good news for you is …) Our acoustic lagging services and respective Sound lagging insulation products and materials serves as a high -performance noise shielding material featuring mass loaded flexible vinyl bonded to the soil facing along with a decoupling layer.

The purpose of this is to deter noise resulting out of valves, fan housings, pipes and ductwork in domestic/commercial/industrial establishments respectively – (whenever requested).

Moreover our presented Acoustic pipe lagging services in Melbourne often serve both as a noise deterrent as well as a quality noise absorber. Its highly dense and flexible mass layer delivers exceptional noise reduction feature, where as its decoupling layer disrupts the vibration path between the mass barrier and the substrate. Doing this allows the vinyl wrap to stay as flexible as possible to augment the pipe’s overall performance.

Soundlagging Insulation Products For You To Check Out

  • REINFORCED FOIL TAPE – This foil tape is specified as the preferred product to use in regard to all sound lagging materials
  • Pyrotek Soundlag 4525C – Commonly used to deter noise from Sanitary and Stormwater pipes, it can be used to soundproof tanks and noise generated from air conditioning units and so on
  • Vibralag – Vibralag is a time and cost-effective solution for treating noisy waste, supply and stormwater pipes. It has been designed to meet and exceed the acoustic requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) when coupled with standard riser and building systems.

Melbourne Laggers always strives to deliver you quality workmanship at competitive rates to suit your various piping problems.

So, whenever you’re ready – Let us know how we can help you.

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