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Thermal Lagging For Pipes – WHY IT IS WORTH YOUR INVESTMENT?

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Thermal pipe lagging is very important for safeguarding pipes from extreme (heat and cold) temperatures. They serve as a very crucial tool to augment energy availability as well as achieve low thermal inertia and low thermal conductivity.

What’s More– appropriate thermal lagging of pipes helps retard the heat flow- be it from a warm to cold surface or vice-versa



More Good Reasons Why Thermal Insulation Is Worth Your Bucks…

  • Thermal insulation helps lessen capacity requirements for both heating and cooling systems be it for the refrigerator or boiler unit
  • Lessens fuel consumption along with the daily operational costs
  • Prevents temperature fluid gains or fluid drop in the refrigerator systems
  • Delivers proper fire protection for pipes, equipment and plants
  • Lessens capacity requirement for both boilers and refrigerator
  • Helps maintain thermal balance in the reaction system


FYI -Things To Remember When Selecting Thermal Insulation Materials…

  • Combustibility
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Acidity or Alkalinity (pH)
  • Coefficient of contraction and expansion
  • Breaking load and compression strength

Also Remember To Ask About Its Chemical Properties

They Include –

  • Compatibility with other metal surfaces
  • Lifespan of the lagging/insulation materials
  • Compatible with environmental media
  • The resulting deterioration arising due to chemical action


Thermal Lagging Is Used For The Following Hot/Cold Insulating Materials –

Thermal Lagging Is Used For Cold Insulating Materials namely – (PUF)- Polyurethane Foam, (EPS) – Expanded Polystyrene Foam, (PIR) – Poly-isocyanurate Foam,  (XPS) – Extruded Polystyrene Foam, Thermocol, Phenolic Foam, foam glass and so on!

Thermal Lagging Is Used For Hot Insulating Materials namely – Calcium silicate, mineral wool and ceramic fibre


NEED THERMAL LAGGING…? Contact Our Team As You See Fit…!


Melbourne Laggers is your leading name when it comes to delivering you superior grade thermal pipe lagging services with the aim to improve overall efficiency and performance of your residential, commercial and industrial pipe set-ups.

From temperature moderation, protection against extreme freeze to inhibiting environmental damage; our team possess all the necessary technical expertise. Our team conducts an in-depth analysis prior to the service and based on that deliver you tailored thermal pipe lagging treatments best suiting your budget and specific insulation requirements.

Our aim is simple – help people promptly with all their  customised pipe lagging problems through proper innovation and creativity. Plus, when performing our services, we adhere to all the laid down safety precautions for your peace of mind.

If you need our professional thermal pipe lagging serviceREACH US at your suitable time. We will be glad to help you deliver you your appropriate lagging solutions.

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