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What Makes Pyrotek Soundlag 4525C So Effective In Reducing Noise in Hydraulics & Waste Water Pipes?

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Looking for effective solutions to reduce noise level breakouts from your water pipes…?

Or, perhaps you seek for an appropriate multilayer insulation system which helps deliver quality noise attenuation…?

Whatever be your specific requirement; the first and foremost thing to do on your part is to enlist help from a professional pipe lagging company near you in Melbourne to help you determine the best solutions for your needs.

Fortunately, all your searches and hard work ends with Melbourne Laggers your most trusted name in this targeted region.

For your noise-generating pipes; their team is known to offer you quality soundlag materials which aptly serve both as a sound barrier and absorber. These unique soundlag components come across as very dense arrangements capable of delivering superb noise-reducing characteristics.

Let’s Explore More On Offered Soundlag Material!

Our team offers you a unique soundlag material – (more specifically known as Pyrotek Soundlag 4525) specifically designed to mitigate sound breakouts from your wastewater pipes and sanitary pipe products.

Pyrotek Soundlag 4525 comes across as a foam-based component featuring a cushiony layering material to help suppress any noise emitting outwards from the existing piping system.

A Sneak-Peek Into Its Noteworthy USPs

  • It reduces noise in hydraulic and waste pipes by up to 25.2 dB(A)
  • This acoustic pipe lagging component presents differing compositions with barrier weights ranging from 3 kg/m² to 8 kg/m²
  • Plus, its decoupling layer comes with two foam preferences – Convulated Foam (4525c) And Plan Foam (4512)
  • Comes with impressive flame resistance and is treated as per the AS 1530.3
  • They prove extremely easy to bond either with a matching Tape ALR or any other equivalent
  • Its varying applications include – ductworks, spa motor wraps, valves, fan housings, compressor wraps, etc
  • They are impressively long-lasting and easy to cut as per different acoustic pipe lagging requirements 

Anything Else To Know…!

This unique Pyrotek Soundlag 4525C serves as a wonderful surface to merge adjacent sheets. Also, this highly dense and flexible mass decoupling layer delivers superior noise limiting properties while allowing its vinyl exterior wrap to stay flexible-optimised.

It doesn’t comprise odour producing oils and bitumen either- which is another aspect you should know of.

Ready To Treat Your Noise-Generating Water Pipes…? SPEAK TO US AS YOU SEE FIT

As your most trusted pipe laggers near you in Melbourne – Melbourne Laggers always supplies and installs top-quality pipe lagging products only from notable contractors in the region.

Prior to our acoustic pipe lagging treatment; we always examine the condition of your existing piping system  and work closely with you to determine the appropriate solution best suiting your specific needs.

Also for your peace of mind; our team will always look to complete your pipe lagging project by causing zero impact on its nearby surroundings.

So, whenever you’re ready to treat your noisy water pipes – unhesitantly REACH US at your suitable date and time.

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