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We Deliver Customised Thermal & Acoustic Pipe Lagging Treatments to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions...

Melbourne Laggers have completed many commercial projects across Melbourne and beyond.  Whatever be your project requirement; our confident and diligent team takes immense pride in delivering quality workmanship each time complemented with 100% Value -for-Money service satisfaction.

And if this wasn’t enough to win you over; we always aim to deliver our customised pipe lagging solutions at competitive industry standard rates.

Medium to high-density apartments and housing have pipelines going in every direction, and this network of pipes needs to be studied properly to apply appropriate lagging solutions.

For both Acoustic and Thermal lagging, it is very necessary that you take all the measurements into consideration, as commercial property is comparatively bigger than a house, with more area to be covered.

We Continually Strive To Deliver You Tailored Pipe Lagging Solutions...

Our team of responsible commercial pipe insulation contractors operating in and across all of Melbourne will look to deliver you customised pipe lagging solutions each meant to augment the system processes while reducing energy usage and emission.

As your premier commercial pipe insulation contractors Melbourne; we use nothing but the best thermal/acoustic lagging materials possessing the highest R-value energy ratings to best suit the needs of your specific projects.

We can tailor our thermal/acoustic pipe lagging treatments for all your commercial and industrial piping – including refrigeration piping, water-heating piping and many more!

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Melbourne Laggers have always tried to deliver each client Quality, Durable & Long-Standing pipe insulation solutions best suiting their estimated budget.

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