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Does pipe lagging work?

Yes, when Pipe lagging is done using the correct materials and methods it is very effective for heat and sound insulation.

What is acoustic lagging?

Acoustic lagging refers to the process of insulating a pipe that will suppress any noise generated from pipes.

What pipes need lagging?

Stormwater, Sanitary, and Hot Water pipes need pipe lagging.

How to soundproof Sanitary and Stormwater pipes?

For soundproofing Sanitary and Stormwater pipes, Acoustic lagging is done, it will suppress the noise made by debris and wastewater gushing down the pipeline.

What is the purpose of lagging?

The main purpose of pipe lagging is to protect the pipe and inhabitants of the building from the influence of heat, cold, and vibration. It will also minimise the effect of noise and other vibrations from the pipes to the external environment.

What is meant by thermal lagging?

Thermal lagging refers to the process of insulating the heat generated by hot water running inside the pipeline.

Why is thermal lagging important?

Thermal lagging is really necessary for any building where hot water is supplied. Without thermal lagging, the hot water running through the pipes will raise the temperature of its surroundings, making the whole place unsuitable for living or working.

Who Installs Pipe Lagging?

Melbourne Laggers install pipe lagging on both residential and commercial property, our lagging services are affordable and of high-quality.

Where to buy Pipe Lagging?

You can buy pipe lagging from Melbourne Laggers, as we also supply pipe lagging materials. Just give us a call to book an order.

How to choose a Pipe Lagging Company?

Before choosing a pipe lagging company for any lagging requirement, do a thorough research, consider what you need and what that company offers, and client reviews for a clear understanding.

Is pipe lagging heat resistant?

Yes, thermal pipe lagging is heat resistant to protect the pipe and restrain the heat coming from the pipe to itself.

What is the appropriate thermal lagging?

Thermal lagging prevents heat from escaping the pipes, appropriate lagging is done by covering the pipes with a lagging material that has low thermal conductivity and traps heat.

How much sound does your product reduce?

The products that we use for Acoustic lagging can reduce sound upto 25 decibels.

Can you install Pipe Lagging during construction of my new home?

Yes, we can install Thermal as well as Acoustic pipe lagging during the construction of your property, according to your requirements.

When should pipes be lagged?

Pipes should be lagged during the installation of the pipelines or during the construction of the building, to avoid any inconvenience in the future, when you start living/working in the building.

Can you use Acoustic Pipe Lagging in Residential Homes?

Pipes should be lagged during the installation of the pipelines or during the construction of the building, to avoid any inconvenience in the future, when you start living/working in the building.

Can Pipe Lagging be done after Plastering has been completed?

Yes, pipe lagging can be done after final plastering is done, but that would mean we have to remove the plaster. But this will cost you a lot, which is why it is suggested to get pipe lagging done before plastering and during the construction.

How does Thermal Pipe Lagging insulation stop heat transfer?

Thermal pipe lagging is made from a low thermal conductivity/heat-resistant material, which means it stays unaffected by heat and stops heat transfer from the pipe to the environment.

What’s the difference between acoustic and thermal pipe lagging insulation?

Acoustic pipe lagging prevents sound generated from the pipes from affecting the residents, and is done on sanitary and stormwater pipes. Thermal pipe lagging prevents heat generated in the pipes from affecting the residents, and it is done on hot water pipes.

Does Melbourne Laggers install Pipe Lagging insulation?

Yes, Melbourne Laggers install as well as supply pipe lagging insulation for Thermal and Acoustic lagging.

What is Soundlagging?

Soundlagging is a term used for Acoustic lagging, where an insulation is applied on sanitary and stormwater pipes to suppress the noise produced by those pipes.

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