Hot Water Pipe Lagging

Melbourne Laggers offers hot water pipe lagging to reduce the temperature resulting within the pipe and create a livable home environment.
As your highly experienced and reliable pipe laggers operating all across the state of Victoria; our team can assist with hot water, chilled and sanitary pipe lagging.

Tailored & Budget-Friendly Hot Water Pipe Lagging Services

FYI – professionally lagging your hot water pipe system helps reduce loss of heat and increases the water temperature by a good  2°F to 4°F.

Moreover; our professional hot water pipe lagging services also contributes to improving your energy savings by 3%  to  4%. And that consequentially lets you save money on consistent basis.

What's Our Approach To Hot Water Pipe Lagging?

  • The first step involves performing a pre-inspection to determine the appropriate insulation component to use along with the actual length and pipe size (mainly by matching the inside sleeve of the pipe’s diameter to its exterior diameter )
  • The next step involves cutting the insulation to its appropriate length and carefully placing the pipe sleeve with ensuring to ensure the seam goes in face down.
  • Finally, we secure the pipe sleeve using a clamp, tape, wire, even cable tie, at its every foot or two

When dealing with gas water heating units, our lagging specialists will keep the insulation at approximately 6-inches from the flue.

However, when your hot water pipes are inside 8-inches from the flue, then we will use our quality approved and highly impervious thermal insulations complemented with a 1-inch thick fiberglass pipe-wrap without any facing. If the need arises, we will also use aluminum foil tape or wire to properly secure them to your pipe set-up.

Our Hot Water Pipe Lagging Is Safe & Effective For Use

Our quality hot water pipe lagging solutions are very flexible and light-weight. They are easy to install and can definitely last a good length of time.

Moreover, due to the closed cell structure of our pipe insulations; they prove to be an impressive vapour barrier highly impervious to vapour transmission!

If this wasn’t enough, our hot water pipe lagging treatments are free of CFC, dust and fibre and offer high resistance levels against ozone effects, extreme weather as well as time-inflicted wear and tear.

They even feature very low toxicity ratings and typically offer unmatched fire protection!

So, If You Require Quality Hot Water Pipe Lagging Treatments For Your Project - CALL US at your suitable time!

We will be more than happy to help you pick the appropriate lagging solutions within your budget.