Waste Pipe Lagging Service

"Waste Pipe Lagging or Sanitary Pipe Lagging" is designed to reduce noise caused by sounds generated within the pipes.

Our experienced Pipe Laggers, will insulate the pipes with appropriate acoustic pipe insulation to deter the noise and create a peaceful environment within the home for future inhabitants.

Furthermore,   our quality and tailored pipe lagging treatment also helps prevent condensation.

Moisture too often leads to unwanted corrosion which, if left unchecked, will continue to eat away at your pipes and deteriorate them bit by bit. That makes proper pipe lagging important.

To help you deal with this issue; our waste pipe lagging treatments feature a water-vapour protective barrier to prevent any vapour from going through the insulation barrier and forming on the pipe surface.

Also for your peace of mind, we always adhere to the NCC – National Construction Code when delivering our tailored pipe lagging services for your requirements.

Our Waste Pipe Lagging Services Prove Effective For These Common Applications -

Steam pipes, hydraulic pipes, rainwater pipes, waste water pipes, hydraulic pipes and for many other commercial, industrial and even residential piping structures needing adequate professional treatment.

Our Pipe Lagging Treatments Assure Energy Savings & Proper Safety...!

Our professional lagging solutions is that it assuredly helps you in continual energy savings. Not to forget the fact that they also protect your pipes and even adds a few more years to its overall lifespan.

We're The #1 Choice For Your Waste Pipe Lagging Solutions All Across Melbourne...

Melbourne Laggers is your one-stop-solution for all your tailored waste pipe lagging solutions.

  • Prior to start of our work; we come down to your location, perform a comprehensive analysis on the existing waste pipes and what specific purpose they serve.
  • Based on the inspection, our team will devise the appropriate lagging treatment to boost the overall safety and protection of the piping unit.
  • Furthermore, our team will also perform proper and routinely maintenance and repair work (whenever requested) all across our target area.

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