We, at Melbourne Laggers Pty Ltd (along with its subsidiaries) commit to respecting the privacy of  all the existing information on display at the site.

Our privacy policy blue-print reveals how we can aptly handle all private/personal information which we own, preserve, accumulate and even disclose.

As it stands, we have full authority to amend, vary and update our privacy policy document at recurring intervals. And whatever variations, updates and amendments are done to this Privacy Policy will be presented distinctively on our official Melbourne Laggers website.

Our Privacy Policy Q&A To Take Note

What Denotes As Personal Information?

Personal information denotes any kind of opinion of information which helps identify reasonably.

What Personal Information Do We Seek?

We mainly strive to collect rudimentary personal information among which includes – your Good Name, Your Contact Details as well as possibly your Financial Details (in which includes your bank account details, credit card/debit card details) along with other bits of crucial information which relates to any enquiry made.

What Way We Extract Your Personal Information?

Our team extract personal details from prospective employees, contractors, customers of our services and products and even from our trading partner.

Our Purpose Of Collecting, Holding, Using & Disclosing Your Personal Information?

We look to extract, use, hold and even divulge your personal details mainly for the following reasons –

  • To properly respond to each of our product and service enquiries while provide you some relevant technical info
  • To aptly determine your specific service and product requirements
  • To deliver you the requested products and services complemented with fresh technical or other relevant piece of information relating to the services and products
  • If you request us to not dispatch you facts and feeds concerning promotional offers along with other materials concerning services and products which we believe could tickle your interests via email/fax/phone/text.

(If you remind or state your personal information not to be disclosed for whatever be the reason; you can always do that unhesitantly using any of the afore communication means).

  • We might also extract your personal information to help us verify and validate your identity particularly in situations when you look to procure copies or our catalogues and price index or when you simply create an inquiry through the web.

That said, failure or unwillingness to share with us the personal details we seek will prevent us from doing any one of all of the aforementioned clauses.

You honesty do not have any reasons to be worried about your provided personal information getting disclosed or shared to any 3rd party source. We always aim to protect your personal information and look to take reasonable steps to make sure every iota of your personal information is precise, updated and complete.

Of course, we can also contact you anytime using any of our communication methods to inform you about updating your shared personal details.

What Precautions We Take To Safeguard Your Shared Personal Details?

To preserve and safeguard your shared personal information; we make it a point to store it in some highly protected electronic data bases. Along with that; we take necessary precautions to protect your provided details from loss, unsanctioned access, disclosure and modifications and even in the event of misuse.

We are also well-aware of the concerns you have about the security of personal details acquired from email inquiries. While it is true that some site make use of cookies; we assure you that the mail details shared by you to us will not be accessed to back-track all your browse history.

Do I Possess Access To My Shared Personal Details Which Melbourne Laggers Owns?

Of course you do. You have complete access to all your shared personal details. Lucidly put, you have complete impunity to seek amendments of your personal details owned by the company with these laid down methods. A fee will also include.

Surefire Ways To Notify Us Of Your Request

  • If you wish for more information about our privacy terms
  • If you seek more details/information regarding how we hold and safeguard your private information
  • If you hold concerns about the manner in which we handle your private details
  • If you yearn to request for access or for up-to-dating your existing private details or information.
  • If you request not to be provided any latest offers or marketing materials or offerings from our end.

To notify us about your requests – you can use the following communication mediums.

  • Writing to the Head of Corporate Services of our businesses;
  • Writing to Melbourne Laggers , 3/ 12-14 Apollo Drive, Hallam, VIC 3083 
  • Or, sending an email to:

Rest assured that your requests or complaints will be reviewed and a response from our end will reach you inside 30 days (give or take)


If Melbourne Laggers Disappoints Me – THEN WHAT?

If for some reason you are not happy with Melbourne Laggers Pty Ltd; you have the option of referring your objection to the respectable Privacy Commissioner. And you can easily contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner via  Emailing

 As For Our Intellectual Property Moral Rights?

All levied intellectual property moral rights are properly asserted and aptly preserved. No particular channel, product, services or any other will get reproduced photographically, mechanically or via recording phonographically. Moreover, they will not be preserved in any retrieval set-up, copied for general use (be it public or private) or transmitted in anyway whatsoever.

If the need does arise to do something as such, prior written permission of the person-in-charge will be required.