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Lagging expert in Melbourne explains whether you need pipe lagging

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Before beginning with whether you need pipe lagging in your building or not, let’s understand what pipe lagging is and how it works. Lagging is a process where insulation is fitted around pipelines. The insulation layer eliminates the effect of heat and sound generated by the pipes, which will provide a peaceful and habitable environment for the residents. Pipe Lagging plays a crucial role in protecting the plumbing system and enhancing the building’s living conditions. There are various materials that are sophisticated enough to be used for different lagging requirements.

Pipe lagging may be made from any of the following materials:

  • Polyethylene
  • Flexible elastomeric foams
  • Rigid foam
  • Glass wool
  • Mineral wool

It clearly depends on the people hired, they will use the best-suited material according to you and your building’s demands. To give you a clear point of view, let us consider what will happen if lagging is not done in a property. Unlagged or poorly lagged pipes can create uninhabitable conditions such as high room temperature and irritative noise inside the building. It will disrupt your peace as well as comfort. For different issue a different type of lagging is installed, we have elaborated them below:


When hot water passes through pipes, it will warm up its surrounding areas. If the piping system passes through a room, the room temperature will automatically increase. Imagine that room is a workplace, any hall or where you sleep and live. At some point, the heat might get unbearable and you will have to call a plumber. Since precaution is better than cure, you should get thermal pipe lagging done at your place before you are forced to do the same. Thermal proofing is a one-time solution that will benefit you for a very long time and in more than one way. Hot water pipes carry hot water in them, but while supplying it from one place to another it loses some of its heat and thermal lagging will keep all the heat to itself rather than releasing it. Which will eventually help you cut down on your electric bill.


When debris or water passes through pipes, they will surely hit the insides of the piping system which will make loud and vexing noises.

Consistent noise of water gushing down the pipes is surely not a place to live or work. The BCA specifies the minimum sound insulation the noise from waste pipes. The Building Code of Australia(BCA) regulates the minimum necessary safety requirements for any property. This also applies to the amount of sound generated from the pipes, and plumbers need to make sure that their lagging solutions fulfil the BCA’s requirements. For this situation, Acoustic pipe lagging is the ultimate solution. The lagging experts will look into the issue and then suggest and install the most fitting solution for your property. Your plumber will be able to tell you what sort of lagging needs to be installed at what places, based on where in Australia you are living.

Other than sound and heat insulation, lagging can save your money, electricity and time. Rather than wasting your time by insulating pipes yourself, you should consult the lagging experts. It is better to get things done by professionals or else you might be making the situation even worse. Acoustic and Thermal lagging are two of the widely performed pipe insulation so no matter where you are, you will surely find pipe laggers.

In conclusion, your building needs pipe lagging, and that too by the experts. Owners who want the best living experience will always invest in the finest pipe lagging techniques for their building’s piping system. Pipe lagging in Melbourne is majorly handled by experts who work at Melbourne Laggers. Melbourne Laggers reside within the guidelines provided by The National Construction Code (NCC). Every step made and changes done at your property are compatible and specified by the NCC. For Sanitary and drainage pipes, soundproof lagging is congenial. And Melbourne Laggers do that too, their area of expertise is thermal and acoustic pipe lagging. They install as well as supply pipe lagging to the client’s doorsteps. All the installation is done by professionals as they aim to deliver a one-time solution that lasts for years. For any requirement of pipe lagging Melbourne Laggers are the one you should be seeking, as they have over 9 years of experience. You can get a free quote to get an estimate of the services you need so that you are aware about our prices.

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